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PHILLIP ISLAND 300 2018 ENDURANCE ACCESS              JUNE 23rd and 24th.

Access to Endurance Racing returns for 2018 providing entry level Endurance Racing on the Australia’s most Picturesque Circuit, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Following the quietly, quietly 2017 debut PIARC is looking forward to stepping it up in year two with a strong field for the PI 300K race.                                                                                      Vice President Nick Scarcella as both a Competitor / Driver and Club Director finds the event ticks all the boxes. “Where else can you have a range of cars from GT4 Ginetta’s, to MX5’s, BMWs and even the popular and prolific Hyundai Excels competing at a world class venue at the same time for the same goal”.                                                                                                   We had a number of people coming to us saying that they wanted an endurance event at the Island but wanted it to appeal to the average Joe. The class structure is a simple formula, any car that has a CAMS 3rd Category or 2B/2F logbook is eligible to enter, you could bring a Sports Car with a dry break system or an Excel with a couple of mates and a jerry can. Racing for the sake of racing, no big trophies, no big egos, just fun motor sport.

 “The advantage of this type of event is it gives anyone with an eligible car and a CAMS General Competition Licence the opportunity to go and race, and who knows, your home garage built pride and joy could beat a factory spec racer,” Scarcella said. It is yet again Access to Motorsport.

 Some answers to frequently asked questions:-

-What can I race?  Any production based car with a log book, i.e.  - Improved Production, Saloon Cars, Porsche 944 Challenge, Production Sports, Sports Sedans, Circuit Excels, Toyota 86’s, E30 and E46 BMWs, MX5 and RX8 Cup Mazda’s.

 -Do I need a co-driver?  No you can do the 67 laps solo or Pit for fuel and swap drivers.

-Re-fuelling?  Can be done by CAMS Approved Dry Break systems or using other CAMS Approved methods detailed in the Supplementary Regulations.

-How much track time? – Practice, Qualifying and 2 sprint races on Saturday, a Sunday warm up session and then 300kms on one of the best circuits in the world.

In addition to the Phillip Island 300, races will be held for the Under 2 Litre Sports Sedans, VicV8s, NSW Super Sports and Superkarts Australia as part of the PIARC Endurance Access Meeting.

Entry forms -www.piarc.com.au or CAMS Event Entry https://www.meecamsau.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16&eventId=15829&Itemid=478 

Enquiries:-matt.balcombe@piarc.com.au or nick.scarcella@piarc.com.au                                                                                                                                                                           


C/- RVAC Building First Avenue

Moorabbin Airport

Mentone VIC 3194

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